Welcome to the Laboratory of MEMS and Microsensors

We welcome you to the website of the MEMS and Microsensors Laboratory, belonging to the Department of Electronics, Information Technology and Bioengineering of the Politecnico di Milano, located in Milano, Italy.

Please have a look at the Research and Education areas of this website to learn more about our scientific experties, publications, and about the education that we provide.

The MEMS and Microsensors Laboratory is a research group of the Department of Electronics, Information Technology and Bioengineering of Politecnico di Milano. Under the guide of Associate Professor Giacomo Langfelder, inheriting the methodologies of former Full Professor Antonio Longoni, the group focus is the development of novel sensors, in particular adopting CMOS and Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) technologies.

The first pillar of the laboratory is to investigate, together with its industrial & research partners, new sensing solutions and associated smart electronics, enabling the creation of new technology-driven applications and future market breakthroughs. At the same time, education of new generation of researchers forms the second pillar. The main activities of the group are summarized below:
  • Conception, design, simulation and system-level modeling of novel MEMS devices (including  accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, resonators, micromirrors, ultrasonic transducers...);
  • Design of novel Filterless Color Sensors (including the sensing element, its optimization based on Color Science, and the development of associated smart Active Pixels);
  • Development of custom design VLSI circuits enabling low-power operation of sensors, including front-end analog circuits, mixed signal processing and digitization;
  • Characterization and reliability testing at wafer-level as well as on bare dies, through the development of custom setup, boards and instruments.

MEMS Micromechanical Systems

NEWS from the lab...
05-09-2022 two contributions from the lab accepted at the 2022 ICECS conference to be held next October in Glasgow! Congrats to Matteo Gianollo and all co-authors!

10-06-2022 good luck to Paolo Frigerio, who has just become an Assistant Professor with the DEIB department!

01-05-2022 we welcome Riccardo Nastri, who joined the laboratory as a PhD student!

08-05-2022 three contributions from the lab were presented at the 9th IEEE International Symposium on inertial sensors and systems: congratulations to all co-authors! Special cheers to A. Buffoli for the first runner-up award!

20-06-2021 best poster award granted to our presentation at the 2021 Transducers conference! Congratulations to Paolo Frigerio, Matteo Gianollo and all other co-authors!

01-05-2021 we welcome Christian Padovani and Andrea Buffoli, joining the lab with PhD focused on high performance inertial sensors!

24-09-2020 two contributions from the MEMS lab have been accepted for lecture presentation at IEEE Sensors 2020, to be held this October. Congrats to both Marco Gadola (M&NEMS gyroscopes) and Paolo Frigerio (MEMS-based RTCs) for their research!

08-09-2020 the first thesis student who started the M.S. Thesis during the lockdown is today on his first lab day! Welcome back to the MEMS laboratory, stay safe and take care!

01-08-2020 congratulations to G. Mussi and co-authors for disseminating a fantastic paper on integrated electronics for MEMS RTC! Look for the article "A MEMS Real-Time Clock with Single-Temperature Calibration and Deterministic Jitter Cancellation" on the IEEE website!

12-05-2020 congratulations to L. Gaffuri for disclosing the first scientific IEEE article on 3D-printed MEMS flow meters!

04-11-2019 the MEMS and Microsensors laboratory celebrates 13 years of education and research! What a sweet way to do so!

here the link to Prof. Langfelder invited talk at IEEE Sensors 2019. Enjoy!

01-09-2019 congratulations to G. Mussi and co-authors for disseminating a brilliant article on MEMS real-time-clocks compensation vs temperature! Look for the TIE article "An Outlook on Potentialities and Limits in Using Epitaxial Polysilicon for MEMS Real-Time Clocks" on the IEEE website!

announcing the invited talk by Giacomo Langfelder at the upcoming IEEE Sensors conference 2019 in Montreal, Canada: "Frequency-modulated MEMS accelerometers for wide dynamic range and ultra-low consumption". Come join us in Quebec!

30-06-2019 Giacomo Langfelder presented an invited talk at the Transducers/Eurosensors 2019 Conference in Berlin, June 2019. The invited contribution title is "Frequency Modulated MEMS gyroscopes: recent developments , challenges and outlook". Check the upcoming proceedings on the IEEE website.

01-05-2019. Two presentations at the IEEE Inertial conference, three presentations at the IEEE MEMS conference, two presentations at the IFCS conference, and three presentations at Transducers... what a start for this 2019! Congratulations to all co-authors!

02-11-2018. A warm welcome to Paolo Frigerio and Leonardo Gaffuri, who have just started their PhD! Have three wonderful years of scientific research!

29-10-2018. A very complete article on the system-level development of frequency modulated gyroscopes has been accepted for publications in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics! Congratulations to all co-authors of "Fully Integrated, 406 A, 5 /hr, Full Digital Output Lissajous Frequency-Modulated Gyroscope"!